What is Body Stress Release?

While most people define health as the absence of pain, the BSR definition of health is defined as "all areas of the body working optimally, 100% of the time". If the nervous system is disrupted by stored tension, various imbalances in the system may appear.

What to expect from an appointment:

Body Stress Release is carried out in a professional setting in a private consulting room. The practitioner takes a detailed case history and then assesses the client for body stress.

With the person fully clothed and lying down, the practitioner carries out a series of light pressure tests to locate the exact sites and directions of body stress.

The practitioner will record the reflex responses to these tests thus accurately pinpointing the areas of tension.

By applying a light but definite directional pressure, the practitioner is able to encourage the body to release the body stress. If the body stress has occurred recently, the process of releasing it is usually rapid.

However, if the stress has been stored in the body for a long period of time, the client might need a number of consultations to nudge the protective layers of the muscles to resume their normal tone.

Each appointment is approximately half an hour.

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